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Buying or Selling
Early 20th c. Pastels?

Buying or Selling Early 20th c Pastels?

If You Are Seeking To Acquire Early 20th c Pastels: We suggest that you keep a close watch on our Catalog Auctions. Most of our Auctions (except the June Wallace Nutting Collectors Club Convention Auction) offer 5-15 Early 20th c Pastels and they are a great source for locating quality William Henry Chandler and other pastels. Also you may also want to check in with us periodically as you never know what Pastels we may have available for private sale.

Early 20th c Pastel Want List: If you are trying to locate a specific type of Early 20th c Pastel, simply E-Mail us at ivankovich@wnutting.com and perhaps we might be able to locate the piece for you among the many Pastel Collectors & Dealers we know.

If You Are Seeking To Sell Early 20th c Pastels: We are always seeking quality consignments for our Catalog Auctions...and we are always actively seeking to privately purchase quality signed Pastels. Please refer to the Auction Alternatives in this Web Site to learn more about how we can work together.

Pastels Books: Sorry but at this point we do not carry any reference books on Early 20th c Pastels.

Early 20th c Pastel Appraisals: If you are simply interested in determining the value of your Pastels, we can offer either an Informal Furniture Appraisal (E-Mail response) or a Formal Furniture Appraisal (on our Letterhead). You can use this Formal & Informal Appraisals for further details on Pastel Appraisals.