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How to Bid at our Auctions &
How to Sell Your Items

If You Are Interested in

WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND OUR LIVE CATALOG AUCTIONS. These Auctions are normally held in Pennsylvania or New England and typically include anywhere from 300-750 lots per Auction. Most Auctions include a variety of Wallace Nutting & Nutting-Like Hand-Colored Photographs and a diverse selection of early 20th c Prints & Pastels.

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE OUR AUCTION SCHEDULE? It's as easy as going to our Upcoming Auctions & Shows page:
There you will be able to see our Schedule of Upcoming Auctions…preview an Auction Flyer with digital images of many key lots in our next Auction…and locate the Links to Steps #1-#3 below.

HOW DO YOU OBTAIN DETAILS ON EACH AUCTION? Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the Auction date you can go to www.michaelivankovich.com/upcoming and preview the entire Auction in 3 easy steps:

Step #1 - AUCTION SORT: You can quickly and easily locate your preferred photographers and artists and the respective lot numbers in each Auction by using our convenient Auction Sort.
Step #2 - AUCTION CATALOG: You can print out the entire FREE 25-35 page Auction Catalog.
Step #3 - AUCTION IMAGE GALLERY: You can literally SEE each lot in the Auction by using our unique Auction Image Gallery. You can quickly scan the Auction by previewing thumbnails of each lot in the Auction…or you can click on any specific lot to see a 6x7" close-up for greater clarity and detail

ABSENTEE and LIVE TELEPHONE BIDDING. We recognize that many bidders will be unable to travel to Pennsylvania or New England to attend the actual Auction. Therefore we encourage Absentee and Telephone Bidding. After previewing Steps #1-#2-#3 above, we invite you to call us for a Formal Condition Report on any lots that may interest you. Should you decide to submit an Absentee Bid, we will bid for you…in front of the entire Auction Room…just as if you were there. Sometimes you don't win the item…sometimes you do…and frequently at amounts far below your maximum bid. Either way we promise that your bids will be executed in an honest and forthright manner. We accept Absentee Bids on nearly any lot in the sale; Live Telephone Bidding is usually reserved for the top lots in the Auction.




We Are Always Buying Pictures, Prints,
Pastels & Wallace Nutting Furniture

Although we typically recommend the Auction Method of Selling, we recognize that some people prefer to avoid the delays, commissions, and uncertainties associated with selling at Auction. In situations such as this we can offer you three options.

1) PRE-AUCTION ESTIMATE: Upon reviewing your actual items (sorry, no photographs, we must see the actual items), we can provide you with a Pre-Auction estimated range that your item(s) might achieve if sold at one of our Catalog Auctions. If you select the Auction Option we will complete an Auction Contract and place your consignment in our next Auction.

2) FIRM OUTRIGHT SALE OFFER: If you request this option we can tell you what your item(s) are worth to us privately. We tell you up front that we are dealers…that we are buying for re-sale…and that we must buy at a price that allows us to make a fair profit…but we promise to make you a fair market offer. If you select this option we will pay you then and there. And you can avoid the delays, commissions, and uncertainties associated with selling at Auction.

3) ITEMS RETURNED TO YOU: If you don't like either number you can take your items home with you, or we will be happy to mail them back to you at your expense.