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VIDEO SERIES by Michael Ivankovich

on the many facets of Wallace Nutting
and his Wallace Nutting Studios

Choose from the various categories to hear and view all about Nutting's Exterior vs Interior scenes; his Furniture business and Furniture markings; his many Books published; how he came to travel overseas to take his Foreign pictures; how to categorize Miscellaneous Unusual pictures, and more. There are also earlier videos providing information on Wallace Nutting's background and how he got started in the business; all about the Hand-Colored Process and Hand-Colored Pictures in general.

To play a video, click its center triangle. Once open, click lower left icon to play or pause. Mouse over the bottom portion of an opened video to read function of each icon. The volume control is to the right of the mute button, and turn computer speakers on as well. To view in full screen, click the lower right square (and use "esc" key to revert to previous screen).

Wallace Nutting Exterior Scenes
Wallace Nutting Interior Scenes
Wallace Nutting Foreign Scenes
Wallace Nutting Misc. Unusual Scenes
Wallace Nutting Furniture
Wallace Nutting Books
Wallace Nutting:
7 Different Furniture Markings
Wallace Nutting:
The Hand-Colored Process
Wallace Nutting -The Man
Wallace Nutting - Hand-Colored Photos
Wallace Nutting:
20 Tips on Dating Your WN Pictures
(coming soon)
Wallace Nutting's Hand-Colored Photos: Green Before His Time
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Wallace Nutting Florals Column Available
Most Wallace Nutting collectors love Nutting's Floral Still Life scenes. There are approximately 60 different Florals available to collect today, so identifying the exact title of each picture has become increasingly difficult for collectors. Some titles are relatively common while others are extremely rare, and Florals with the title written on the matting are obvioulsy easier to identify than "Untitled" or "Close-Framed" pictures that aren't identified. How do you determine the title of your Floral?

To help Wallace Nutting collectors, we've created a special library devoted to Nutting's Floral Still Life scene. If you're curious about a Nutting Floral title, simply go to this web page "www.WNutting.com/Florals.htm", and see if you can match your picture with its title. There is no charge for this service.

And if you have a Wallace Nutting Floral that doesn't appear on this page, please send us a photo and the title and we'll add it to the library (send to: [email protected]).

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