Photo Highlights of the May 18, 2012 Auction
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WN = Wallace Nutting; CS = Charles Sawyer; FT = Fred Thompson; DD = David Davidson;
CH = Charles Higgins; WHG = W.H. Gardiner; HMG = H. Marshall Gardiner; HLS = Harry Landis Standley

Wallace Nutting Furniture

#409 High Bow-Back Windsor Bent Arm Chair (Paper Label & Punched #)

#311 Fan Back Windsor Side Chair, with Imposed Comb
(Script Brand & Paper Label)

#409 High Bow-Back Windsor Bent Arm Chair (Punched #)

#22 Cross-Based Candle Stand (Block)

Mahogany Chippendale
Slant Front Desk (Block)

#653 Turned Splay Leg Table (Block)

#301 Bow Back Windsor Side Chair (Paper Label & Punched #)

#451 Writing Arm
Windsor Chair (Block)

#493 Pilgrim Arm Chair (Block)

Two #27 Curly Maple Salt Dishes (Punched Brand); #29 4" Curley Maple Saucer (Punched Brand)

Rare Miniature Salesman's
Sample Chair (Pen-Signed)

Rare Miniature Salesman's
Sample Chair (Pen-Signed)

Wallace Nutting Pictures
(many more arriving)

WN-The Parthenon

WN-Maryland My Maryland

WN-Reading from
Arabian Nights

WN-Charleston Steps

WN-Waiting for the
Auto to Pass

WN-The Donjon Chenanceau
WN-A Village Coach

WN-A Bridge of Sighs

WN-The Village Mill

WN-Roses and a Bud

WN-Wavering Footsteps

WN-Childhood Wiles

WN-A Cliff Corner

WN-An Old Castle Moat

WN-The Belle of the Herd

WN-Off For Work
WN-Across the Garden

WN-Pasture Dell

WN-Neighborly Cottages
WN-Betty and Her Basket

WN-Cape Cod Hollyhocks


WN-A Critical Examination

WN-Desti Garden

WN-Salem Dignity
WN-Oak & Resurrection Fern

WN-A Connecticut Cascade
(Kent Falls)

WN-Bridge Drapery

WN-A Colonial Village

WN-The Theater Carcassone

WN-The Village Manor
WN-Dahlia Jar

WN-Above the Mahogany

WN-Cluster of Zinnias

WN-Two Children Floral

WN-An Italian Stream
WN-The Canal Road

WN-A Basket Full
WN-The Nutting Garden
WN-Untitled Venice, Italy

WN-The Wayside Inn Approach

WN-Colorist's Photo

WN-The Flower Missionary
WN-Nuttinghame letter

WN-The Lure of Home

WN-Above the Fir Tops

WN-Mount Rainier

WN-The Cottage
by the Floss

WN-The Quiet Life

WN-What Shall I Answer

WN-A Dark Hall


WN-The Way It Begins
WN-A Valley in the Pyrenees

WN-At Grandmothers

WN-A Pause at the Bridge

WN-Wilburton Slopes

WN-Untitled Child in
Southbury house

WN-A Southern Puritan
WN-An Old Fashioned Paradise



WN-A Canopied Mirror

WN-Original Dennison Plant

WN-Orta in Blossom Time
WN-Springs First Green

WN-The Great Wayside Oak

WN-Untitled Interior
with Piano

WN-Apples From the Cellar

WN-Afternoon Recreation

WN-Comfort and a Cat
WN-At Broadhearth

WN-As it Was in the Beginning

WN-Kenmore Peaks

WN-White Waves

WN-Wissahickon Blossoms
WN-The Great Wayside Oak

WN-Nuttinghame Grouping

WN-Hiding Behind Blossoms
WN-Pair of Garden Scenes

WN-Singing Brook

WN-The Open Gate

WN-Expansible Catalog

Wallace Nutting-Like Pictures
Sawyer, Davidson, Thompson, Higgins, WH Gardiner, many more arriving

FT-The Old Pilot

FT-Homeward Bound

FT-Dolly at the Well

CS-Cannon Mountain Tramway

CS-Universalist Church

CS-Overlooking Pickford Camp

HMG-Lattice Door

Edson-Mt. Rainier


WHG-New Smyrna Drive

CS-Oxford Downs
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